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Groupes de travail ou commissions à l'ESR : Représentants français

Publié le 25/06/2010, mis à jour le 23/06/2020 par SFR

Members at large

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European Training Curriculum for Radiology
The European Training Curriculum for Radiology (former European Training Charter for Clinical Radiology) is designed to provide a valuable template for training radiologists and to enhance the quality of care for patients throughout Europe.

This existing current version is seen as a living document which is subject to continuous update and revision and is therefore solely available in electronic format. More information... 


France represented in the ESR Executive Council by: Prof. Olivier Clément (Research Committee Chair)

Board of Directors


Katrine Riklund
Chairperson of the BoD


Paul M. Parizel


Bernd Hamm
1st Vice-President


Lorenzo E. Derchi
2nd Vice-President


Luis Donoso
Immediate Past-President




Communication and External Affairs Committee
Chairperson: Boris Brkljačić


ECR 2017 Programme Planning Committee
Chairperson: Paul M. Parizel


ECR 2018 Programme Planning Committee
Chairperson: Bernd Hamm


Education Committee
Chairperson: Laura Oleaga 
French Committee delegate: Anne Cotten
French RTF (Radiology Trainee Forum) delegate: Charles Roux


Finance and Internal Affairs Committee
Chairperson: Michael Fuchsjäger


National Societies Committee
Chairperson: Christoph D. Becker
French delegate:Jean-François Méder


Publications Committee
Chairperson: Regina Beets-Tan


Quality, Safety and Standards Committee
Chairperson: E. Jane Adam

  • EMA expert (co-opted QSSC board member): Olivier Clément
  • French Committee delegate: Philippe Coquel
  • Chairperson of the Working Group on Ultrasound: Michel Claudon
  • Member of the Audit and Standards Subcommittee: Elisabeth Schouman-Claeys
  • Member of the e-Health and Informatics Subcommittee: Bernard Gibaud
  • Members of the Radiation Protection Subcommittee: Guy Frija (EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee Chairperson)
  • Member of the ESR Referral Guidelines Working Group: Marie-France Bellin


Research Committee
Chairperson: Olivier Clément (France)
French Committee Board members:Bernard Gibaud
French Committee delegate:Loïc Boussel
Members of EIBALL (European Imaging Biomarkers Alliance):co-opted member: Laure Fournier, ex-officio member: Valérie Vilgrain (EIBIR)


Subspecialties and Allied Sciences Committee
Chairperson: Catherine M. Owens


Summary of French ESR Committee/Subcommittee/WG chairs and members:

  • Olivier Clément (Executive Council member, Research Committee Chair, member of the QSSC Board)
  • Anne Cotton (Education Committee delegate)
  • Charles Roux (RTF (Radiology Trainee Forum) delegate
  • Jean-François Méder (National Societies Committee delegate)
  • Philippe Coquel (Quality, Safety and Standards Committee delegate)
  • Michel Claudon (Working Group on Ultrasound Chair)
  • Elisabeth Schouman-Claeys (Member of the Audit and Standards Subcommittee)
  • Guy Frija (Member of the Radiation Protection Subcommittee)
  • Marie-France Bellin (Member of the ESR Referral Guidelines Working Group)
  • Bernard Gibaud (Research Committee Board member)
  • Loïc Boussel (Research Committee delegate)
  • Laure Fournier (co-opted member of EIBALL – European Imaging Biomarkers Alliance)
  • Valérie Vilgrain (ex-officio member of EIBALL – European Imaging Biomarkers Alliance)