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History of the French Society of Radiology

Mis à jour le 28/09/2015 par SFR


The centenary of the French Society of Radiology in 2009 was the occasion for a number of us to look back and to acknowledge now the actions of our predecessors may help us to continue to move foward. The SFR has been a key driver of the coherent development of our discipline.

A large number of documents, testimonies and books exist. A number of initiatives have already valued the history of radiology in France: An Illustrated History of radiology by Guy and Marie-José Pallardy and Auguste Wackenheim in 1989, History of the French Society of Radiology in 1999 by Henri Nahum, updated by his articles the year of the centennial.

The creation of an "archives and history of radiology" commission has gradually emerged as essential within the SFR. The main objective is to promote the history of the society from already existing documents, but also the role of radiology in medical adventure, history of different actors (radiologists, technicians, industrial ...) and imaging techniques.



⇒ Word History of Medical Imaging 

⇒  60th anniversary of the "Centre Antoine Béclère"
Back on the exhibition at JFR2012. 

⇒ 1950 - 2012 : A course in 10 steps
This retrospective presented at the 60èmes French Days of Radiology offers relive six decades of evolution of JFR and radiology.


⇒ Centennial SFR Site
Exhibition event commemorating the centenary of the SFR through articles, various documents and a movie.

⇒ History of the SFR
Book written in 1999 by Henri Nahum.


⇒ Technological developments
How technological developments have contributed to the comfort and patient compliance.

 ⇒ Exhibit: « Grand Museum of health Lyon »


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Official website of the Association of Friends of the Grand Museum of Health Lyon.


⇒ interuniversity Health Library
Presentation of the first radiographs obtained in France by Bartholomew and Oudin in 1896.


⇒ Clyster
Review and electronic museum with ancient medical instruments and objects

⇒ Conservatory of hospital heritage Rennes    
Radiographic presentation of old equipment with explanatory notices.

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