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Grants and Awards

Mis à jour le 14/09/2015 par SFR
Every year, the French Society of Radiology gives out numerous awards and grants:

Jacques Sauvegrain grant

Each year, scholarships are awarded by SFR to young foreign radiologists, selected by companies from countries with which the SFR partnership.

objectives: Allow young foreign radiologists to attend French Days Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (overall care of the trip).
Members of a foreign company: If there is an association between SFR and your National Society, please contact your country responsible for this association.

 Training Awards

Objective: Provide complementary additional training for up to 3 months in a French radiology team
Eligibility requirements: Radiologist graduate - Age limit 35 years

The application should be sent either: by
► by email to:
► by post to: French Society of Radiology -
General Secretariat - 20, avenue Rapp - F 75007 Paris

Deadline for applications:
* 1st sessionof grant:15 April 2015(for aperiod of training between 1May 2015 and 30 September 2015)
* 2ndsessionof grant
:15 September 2015(For atraining periodbetween 1October 2015 and 30 April 2016) 

Application formavailable on theSFRwebsite atthe following address:

 You can also obtain information or additional information from the SFR by Clicking here.