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International Relations Commission of the French Radiology (C-RIRF)

Mis à jour le 29/09/2015 par SFR


SFR (French Society of Radiology) CERF (Teachers College of Radiology in France) and GREF (Group of Radiologists Teachers of French Expression) decided to combine their international actions within the same structure. Synergy, coordination and efficiency are essential as the diversity of actions is important. The international relations of the SFR page site will quickly evolve, also direct links to the websites of the CERF and GREF, the same format will change: the list of countries with which the French Radiology maintains relations will appear, and for each countries, actions and projects will be presented.

Composition of the C-RIRF:
SFR: JL Drapé / D. Krausé / M. Panuel
CERF - GREF : J-P Tasu / O. Helenon / F. Boudghène


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